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1. Place An Order

How do I place an order?

Please contact us through email or phone to obtain a quote, then send a PO or place an order with credit card.

Can I expedite my order?

It depends on the manufacturing status at that time. We try our best to speed up the process when our customers have urgent request. Please ask your sales representative to confirm on the fastest lead time. An expedited fee might be applied.

3. Shipping

How can I check the status of my order?

You can contact your sales representative for manufacturing status.  

Once your order is shipped, you can track the shipment using FedEx or UPS tracking tool with the tracking number we provided.

Does SRI ship internationally?

Yes. We have been selling products globally for 15 years. We ship internationally through FedEx or UPS.

Can I expedite my shipping?

Yes. For domestic shipment, we use FedEx and UPS ground shipping which usually take 5 business days. If you need air shipping (over-night, 2-days) instead of ground shipping, please let your sales representative know. An extra shipping fee will be added to your order.

2. Payment

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. An extra 3.5% processing fee will be charged for credit card payment.

We also accept company checks, ACH and wires. Contact your sales representative for instructions.

4. Sales Tax

Do you charge sales tax?

Destinations in Michigan and California are subject to sales tax unless tax exempt certificates are provided. SRI does not collect sales tax for destinations outside of Michigan and California. Use tax shall be paid by customer to their state if outside Michigan and California.

5. Warranty

What is your warranty policy?

All SRI products are certified before being shipped to customers. SRI provides 1-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defect. If a product fails to perform appropriately due to manufacturing defect within a year of purchase, it will be replaced with a brand-new one for free. Please contact SRI by email or phone first for return, calibration, and maintenance.

What does limited warranty mean in your warranty policy?

It means that we warrant that the sensor's functions meet our descriptions and the manufacturing meet our specifications. Damage caused by other incidents (such as crash, overload, cable damage...) is not included.

6. Maintenance

Do you offer Rewiring service?

SRI provides paid rewiring service and free instruction for self-rewiring. All products that need to be rewired are to be sent the SRI US office first, and then to the SRI China factory. If you choose to rewire by yourself, note that the shielded wire outside the cable should be connected, then wrapped with a heat shrinkable tube. Contact SRI first if you have questions or concerns about the rewiring process. We will have your questions answered thoroughly.

Do you offer Cause of Failure Analysis service?

Yes, please contact SRI for the current rate and lead time. If you need a test report from us, please specify on the RMA form.

Do you offer maintenance outside of warranty?

SRI provides paid maintenance for products outside of warranty. Please contact SRI for the current rate and lead time. If you need a test report from us, please specify on the RMA form.

8. Calibration

Do you provide a calibration report?

Yes. All SRI sensors are calibrated before leaving our factory, including new and returned sensors. You can find the calibration report in the USB drive that comes with the sensor. Our calibration lab is certified to ISO17025. Our calibration records are tracible.

By what method can we check the accuracy of the sensor?

The force accuracy can be checked by hanging a weight to the tool end of the sensor. Note that mounting plates on both sides of the sensor should be tightened evenly for all mounting screws before verifying the sensor accuracy. If it is not easy to check forces in all three directions, one may just verify Fz by placing a weight onto the sensor. If the force accuracy is sufficient, the moment channels should be sufficient, because the force and moment channels are calculated from the same raw data channels.

After how significant a load event should we consider re-calibrating the load cells?

All SRI sensor comes with a calibration report. The sensor sensitivity is fairly stable, and we do not recommend recalibrating the sensor for industrial robotic applications at a given period of time, unless recalibration is required by an internal quality procedure (e.g. ISO 9001, etc). When the sensor is overloaded, the sensor output at no load (zero offset) may change. However, the offset change has a minimal effect on sensitivity. The sensor is operational with a zero offset of up to 25% of full scale of the sensor with minimal effect on sensitivity.

Do you provide re-calibration service?

Yes. However, for customers located outside of China mainland, the process might take 6 weeks due to the customs clearance procedures. We suggest customers to look for a third-party calibration service in their local market. If you need to do the re-calibration from us, please contact SRI US office for more details. SRI does not provide calibration service for non-SRI products.

7. Return

What is your return policy?

We do not allow return since we typically manufacture upon orders. Many orders are customized to customers’ specific needs. Alteration of the wires and connectors are also often seen in applications. So, it is difficult for us to reshelve these products. However, if your dissatisfaction is due to our product quality, contact us and we will help to resolve the problems.

What is the return process for maintenance and re-calibration?

Please contact SRI by email first. An RMA form will need to be filled and confirmed before shipping.

9. Overload

What is the overload capacity of SRI sensors?

Depending on the model, overload capacity ranges from 2 times to 10 times of full capacity. The overload capacity is shown in the spec sheet.

What will happen if the sensor is overloaded within the overload range?

When the sensor is overloaded, the sensor output at no load (zero offset) may change. However, the offset change has a minimal effect on sensitivity. The sensor is operational with a zero offset of up to 25% of full scale of the sensor.

What will happen if the sensor is overloaded beyond the overload range?

Beyond changes to zero offset, sensitivity, and nonlinearity, the sensor may be structurally compromised.

10. CAD files

Do you provide CAD files/3D models for your sensors?

Yes. Please contact your sales representatives for CAD files.

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