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iGrinder® M5302T1 Radial Floating Grinding Head

Model Number: M5302T1

iGrinder® Radial Floating Head with integrated radial floating function, axial floating function, 6 axis force sensor and displacement sensor. The radial floating force is adjusted by a precision pressure regulating valve, and the axial floating force is adjusted by a spring.

The radial force is constant, and the magnitude of the axial force is related to the amount of compression. Displacement sensors are used to monitor the radial and axial floating offsets for judging information such as contact status, grinding wheel wear, workpiece size and workpiece position. The six-axis force sensor signal can be fed back to the robot controller to provide a signal source for its force control software (such as ABB or KUKA’s force control software package).

The iGrinder® Radial Floating Head can easily achieve constant force grinding, and successfully solve the problem of the size difference of the workpiece and the positioning error of the tooling. The nominal radial force, 20 – 80N, can be adjusted through the nominal air pressure while compensation for changes in robot attitude are automatically completed by the iGrinder®. The radial floating range is +/- 6 degrees and the axial floating range is +/- 8mm.

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The M5302T1 axial radial floating grinding head is an intelligent grinding device with complete intellectual property rights of Sunrise Instruments.

It has the ability to apply a constant force floating in the radial directions, set through the nominal air pressure.

It is plug and play and does not require complicated programming of robots.

When it is used with the robot for grinding, polishing and other applications, the robot only needs to move according to its pre-set path, and the force control and floating functions are completed by the M5302T1.

The user only needs to adjust the air pressure to achieve the required grinding force.

The M5302T1 can maintain a constant grinding pressure regardless of the robot attitude.

iGrinder® M5302T1 Axial Radial Floating Head

Parameter Description
Radial Floating Force 20 – 80N; Pressure can be adjusted online
Axial Floating Force 30N/mm
Radial Floating Range ±6 degree
Axial Floating Range ±8mm
High-speed Spindle 2.2kw,8000rpm spindle. Drive a variety of abrasives
Gross Weight 25kg
Abrasive Maximum Outer Diameter 150mm
Protection Class IP60
Communication Method RS232、PROFINET

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