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iCG03 Interchangeable Force-controlled Straight iGrinder

Integrated iGrinder® Axial Floating Force Control with a High-speed Spindle and Automated Tool Change.

The iGrinder® Axial Floating Force Control can float with a constant axial force regardless of grinding head attitude. It integrates a force sensor, a displacement sensor and an inclination sensor to sense parameters such as grinding force, floating position and grinding head attitude in real time. iGrinder® has an independent control system that does not require external programs to participate in control. The robot only needs to move according to the pre-set track, and the force control and floating functions are completed by the iGrinder® itself. Users only need to enter the required force value, and the iGrinder® can automatically maintain a constant grinding pressure no matter what grinding attitude the robot is.

Automatic Tool Change
Integrated automatic tool change function allowing for a more flexible and efficient production line.

High-speed Spindle

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Floating Force Control
Integrated iGrinder®, superior floating force control function, better grinding effect, more convenient debugging, guaranteed more stable production line process.
Gravity Compensation
The robot can ensure constant grinding pressure regardless grinding in any posture.
Automatic Tool Change
Integrated automatic tool change function. The production line is more flexible.
High-speed spindle
6kw, 18000rpm spindle, high power and high speed.
Drives sandpaper discs, louvers, thousand impellers, grinding
wheels, milling cutters ,etc.

SI (Metric)
SI (Metric)
Weight Force Range Accuracy Floating Range Displacement Measuring Accuracy
28.5kg 0-500N +/-3N 0-35mm 0.01mm

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