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M33XX: 6 axis F/T load cell – 10X overload

M33XX series 6 axis loadcells are specifically designed for ABB robots and other industrial applications. It provides excellent accuracy with 10 times overload protection. The signal is amplified with extremely low noise distortion. All models are IP65 rated.

Diameter: 104mm – 199mm
Capacity: 495 – 18000N
Non-linearity: 1%
Hysteresis: 1%
Crosstalk: 5%
Overload: 1000%
Protection: IP65
Signals: Analog outputs (V/V)
Decoupled method: Structurally decoupled
Material: Stainless steel
Calibration report: Provided
Cable: Included

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M35XX’s output are structurally decoupled. No decoupling algorithm required. IP65 rated is protected against water spray, making it ideal in wet applications. 10 times mechanical overload stops provide extra protection for the transducer in industrial applications.

All models in M35XX series have low-noise amplifiers embedded. Amplified analog signal can be read by PLC or DAQ directly.

More information can be found in the SRI 6 Axis F/T Sensor User's Manual and interface box M8128 User’s Manual.

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SRI's six axis force/torque load cells are based on patented sensor structures and decoupling methodology. All SRI sensors come with a calibration report. SRI quality system is certified to ISO 9001. SRI calibration lab is certified to ISO 17025 certification.

SRI products sold globally for more than 15 years. Contact your sales representative for quotation, CAD files and more information.

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