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M35XX : 6 axis F/T load cell – Extra Thin

M35XX is patented low-profile 6 axis force/torque load cell series, featuring extra thin profile, light weight, and high resolution. The thinnest model is 7.5mm., the thinnest commercially available. This series is popular in applications with very limited space like robotic prosthetics, biomechanics, humanoid robots, and etc.

Diameter: 30mm – 70mm
Capacity: 250 – 5000N
Non-linearity: 1%
Hysteresis:  1%
Crosstalk: 3%
Overload: 300%
Protection: IP60
Signals: Analog outputs (mv/V)
Decoupled method: Matrix decoupled
Material: Stainless steel
Calibration report: Provided
Cable: Included

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M35XX’s output are matrix decoupled. A 6X6 decoupled matrix for calculation is provided in the calibration sheet when delivered. IP60 rated for use in dusty environment.

All M35XX models are 1cm in thickness or less. The weights are all less than 0.26kg, and lightest is 0.01kg. The excellent performance of these thin, light, compact sensors can be achieved because of the 30 years of design experience of SRI, originating from the automobile safety crash dummy and expanding beyond.

All models in M35XX series have millivolt range low voltage outputs. If your PLC or data acquisition system (DAQ) requires an amplified analog signal (i.e.:0-10V), you will need an amplifier for the strain gauge bridge. If your PLC or DAQ requires digital output, or if you do not have a data acquisition system yet but would like to read digital signals to your computer, a data acquisition interface box or circuit board is required.

SRI Amplifier & Data Acquisition System:
● SRI amplifier M8301X
● SRI data acquisition interface box M812X
● SRI data acquisition circuit board M8123X

More information can be found in SRI 6 Axis F/T Sensor Users’ Manual and SRI M8128 User’s Manual.

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SRI's six axis force/torque load cells are based on patented sensor structures and decoupling methodology. All SRI sensors come with a calibration report. SRI quality system is certified to ISO 9001. SRI calibration lab is certified to ISO 17025 certification.

SRI products sold globally for more than 15 years. Contact your sales representative for quotation, CAD files and more information.

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