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2nd Symposium on Force Control in Robotics & SRI Users Conference


The Symposium on Force Control in Robotics aims to provide a platform for force‐control professionals to interact and to promote the development of robotic force‐controlled technology and applications. Robotics companies, universities, research institutions, professionals in robotics and automation, end users, suppliers, and media are all invited to participate!

The conference topics include force‐controlled polishing and grinding, intelligent robotic, rehabilitation robots, humanoid robots, surgical robots, exoskeletons, and intelligent robot platforms that integrate multiple signals such as force, displacement, and vision.

In 2018, over 100 experts and scholars from many countries attended the 1st Symposium. This year, the symposium will also invite over 100 experts from industry, providing an excellent opportunity for participants to share their experiences in robotic force control, explore industry applications and potential cooperation.



Prof. Jianwei Zhang

Director of the Institute of Multimodal Technology, University of Hamburg, Germany, Member of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences, Germany

Vice Chairman of ICRA2011 Program, Chairman of International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Multi-Sensor Fusion 2012, Chairman of the World Top Conference on Intelligent Robots IROS2015, Chairman of Hujiang Intelligent Robot Forum HCR2016, HCR2018.


Dr. York Huang

President of Sunrise Instruments (SRI)

The world's top multi-axis force sensor expert with rich experience in the field of force sensors and force control polishing. The former US FTSS chief engineer (the world's top automotive crash dummy company), designed most of FTSS's multi-axis force sensors. In 2007, he returned to China and founded Sunrise Instruments (SRI), leading SRI to become ABB's global supplier, and launched the iGrinder intelligent force control grinding head.



9:30 am - 5:30 pm

 2nd Symposium on   Force Control in Robotics

 & SRI User‘s Conference



6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Shanghai Bund Yacht   sightseeing

& customer   appreciation dinner




AI Force Control Method in Intelligent Robot System

Dr. Jianwei Zhang

Director of the Institute of Multimodal Technology, University of Hamburg, Member of the   Hamburg Academy of Sciences, Germany

KUKA Robot Force Control Grinding Technology

Xiaoxiang Cheng

Polishing Industry Development Manager


ABB Robot Force Control Technology and Car Welding Seam Grinding Method

Jian Xu

R & D Engineer


Selection and Application of Abrasives for Robot Grinding Tools

Zhengyi Yu

3M R & D Center   (China)

Environmental Adaptation of Leg-foot Bionic Robot Based on   Multi-dimensional Force Perception

Prof, Zhangguo Yu


Beijing Institute of Technology

Research on Planning and Force Control of Robot Operation

Dr. Zhenzhong Jia

Associate Researcher/Doctoral Supervisor

Southern University of Science   and Technology


Polishing and Assembly Robot Workstation Based on 6-Axis Force Sensor

Dr. Yang Pan

Associate Researcher/Doctoral Supervisor                            

Southern University of Science   and Technology

Application of Force Sensor in Force Control of Hydraulically Driven   Quadruped Robot

Dr. Hui Chai

Associate researcher

Shandong University Robotics   Center

Remote Ultrasonic Diagnosis System and  application

Dr. Linfei Xiong

R&D Director

Huada (MGI) Yunying   Medical Technology

Force Control Technology and Application in Inclusive Cooperation

Dr. Xiong Xu


JAKA Robotics

The Application of Force Control in Robot Self-learning Programming

Bernd Lachmayer


Franka Emika

Theory and Practice of Robot Intelligent Polishing

Dr. York Huang


Sunrise Instruments (SRI)

Robotic Intelligent Polishing Platform Integrating Force and Vision

Dr. Yunyi Liu

Senior software engineer

Sunrise Instruments (SRI)

New Development of Robot Six-dimensional Force and Joint Torque Sensors

Mingfu Tang

Engineer department manager

Sunrise Instruments (SRI)

Call for Papers

Soliciting robot force control technology papers and force control application cases from enterprises, universities and research institutions. All papers and speeches included will receive generous prizes provided by SRI and published on the official website of SRI.

Please submit official papers before August 30, 2020. All papers should be sent to robotics@srisensor.com in PDF format.

Call for Exhibits

Sunrise Instruments (SRI) will set up a dedicated customer product display area at the China Industry Fair 2020, and customers are welcome to bring their exhibits to display.

If you are interested, please contact Deon Qin at deonqin@srisensor.com


All SRI customers and friends do not have to pay registration fees. To facilitate meeting arrangements, please contact robotics@srisensor.com for registration at least 2 weeks in advance.

We look forward to seeing you!


Transportation and hotels:

1. Hotel address: Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, No. 100, Lane 1588, Zhuguang Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

2. The hotel is 10 minutes walking distance from National Exhibition and Convention Center where the 2020 China International Industry Fair will be held at the same time. If you are taking the Metro, please take Line 2, East Jingdong station, Exit 6. It’s 10 minutes walking from the station to the hotel. (See map attached)

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