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Auto Crash Wall Load Cell

In the field of vehicle safety, a crash wall integrated with Crash Wall Load cells is an essential equipment. Each Crash Wall Load cell measures forces in X, Y, Z directions during vehicle impact test.

Two types of crash wall load cells are available: standard and lightweight versions. The standard version has a sensor capacity of 300 or 400kN, for digital or analog output versions respectively. These can be used to configure a Full Width Rigid Barrier. The lightweight version has a capacity of 50kN and can be integrated into a Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier.




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    SRI supplies two types of crash wall load cells: Standard version and Light weight version. The sensor capacity ranges from 50KN to 400KN. The sensor face is 125mm X 125mm, which makes it very easy to configure a Full Width Rigid Barrier. The standard version load cell is 9.2kg and it is used for rigid walls. The light weight version load cell is only 3.9kg and can be integrated in the Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier. SRI crash wall load cells support analog voltage output and digital output. There is an intelligent data acquisition system – iDAS embedded in the digital output sensor.

    Model Descriptions FX (kN) FY(kN) FZ(kN) Mass (kg)
    S989A1 3 axis crash wall LC, 300kN,  standard, 9.2kg 300 100 100 9.2 Download
    S989B1 3 axis crash wall LC, 50kN,  light weight, 3.9kg 50 20 20 3.9 Download
    S989C 3 axis crash wall LC,  400kN,  9kg 400 100 100 9.0 Download

    SRI's six axis force/torque load cells are based on patented sensor structures and decoupling methodology. All SRI sensors come with a calibration report. SRI quality system is certified to ISO 9001. SRI calibration lab is certified to ISO 17025 certification.

    SRI products sold globally for more than 15 years. Contact your sales representative for quotation, CAD files and more information.

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