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Auto Crash Dummy Load Cell

Crash Dummies are vital in the field of automotive passive safety. There are many loadcells and displacement sensors in the dummy. Sunrise Instruments (SRI) has more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing dummy sensors. SRI’s dummy sensors are used in most crash labs around the word. These sensors help people accurately measure the force, moment and displacement of crash dummy body parts during crash testing.



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假人_画板 1SRI’s dummy sensor follows SAE-J211, SAE-J2570 and NHTSA standards and is compatible with almost all dummies in the market, including:

Hybrid III 95th

Hybrid III 50th

Hybrid III 5th

Hybrid III 3 Year Old

Hybrid III 6 Year Old



Q Dummy

CRABI 12 Month Old

Thor 50M

Thor 5F


FAA Dummy


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