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1000Gy dose of nuclear radiation. SRI six-axis force sensor passed the nuclear radiation test.

Nuclear radiation will cause great harm to the human body. At an absorbed dose of 0.1 Gy, it will cause the human body to have pathological changes, and even cause cancer and death. The longer the exposure time, the greater the radiation dose and the greater the harm.

Many operating areas of nuclear power plants have radiation doses far greater than 0.1Gy. Scientists have been committed to using robots to help humans complete these high-risk tasks. The six-axis force sensor is the core sensing element that helps robots complete complex tasks. Scientists require that the six-axis force sensor must perform well in signal sensing and transmission tasks in a nuclear radiation environment with a total dose of 1000 Gy.


SRI six-axis force sensor successfully passed the nuclear radiation test certification with a total dose of 1000Gy, and the test was carried out at the Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


The experiment was carried out in an environment with a radiation dose rate of 100Gy/h for 10 hours, and the total radiation dose was 1000Gy. SRI six-axis force sensor operates normally during the test, and there is no attenuation of various technical indicators after the irradiation.

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