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Data Acquisition Interface Box M812X

- Why interface box?
Most SRI load cell models have millivolt range low voltage outputs (unless AMP or DIGITAL are denoted). If your PLC or DAQ requires digital output, or if you do not have a data acquisition system yet but would like to read digital signals from your computer, a data acquisition interface box or circuit board is required.

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Data Acquisition Interface Box M812X

- What is interface box M812X?

The interface box (M812X) functions as a signal conditioner that provides voltage excitation, noise filtering, data acquisition, signal amplification, and signal conversion. The interface box amplifies the signal from mv/V to V/V and converts analog output to digital output. It has a low-noise instrumentation amplifier and 24-bit ADC (analog to digital convertor). Resolution is 1/5000~1/10000FS. Sampling rate up to 2KHZ.

- How does M812X works with SRI load cell?

When ordered together, the load cell is calibrated with the interface box. The load cell cable out will be terminated with a connector that mates to the interface box. The cable from the interface box to a computer is also included. You will need to prepare a DC power supply (12-24V). Debugging software that can display data and curves in real time, and sample C++ source codes are provided.

- Specifications

Analog in:
- 6 channel analog input
- Programmable gain
- Programmable adjustment of zero offset
- Low noise instrumentation amplifier

Digital out:
- M8128: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, CAN
- M8126: EtherCAT, RS232
- 24-bit A/D, Sampling rate up to 2KHZ
- Resolution 1/5000~1/10000 FS

Front panel:
- Sensor connector: LEMO FGG.2B.319.CLAD52Z
- Communication connector: Standard DB-9
- Power: DC 12~36V, 200mA. 2m cable (diameter 3.5mm)
- Indicator light: Power and status

- iDAS RD: Debugging software, to display curve in real-time, and to send command to the interface box M812X
- Sample code: C++ source code, for RS232 or TCP/IP communication with M8128

- Need a compact solution to your limited space?
If your application only allows very limited space for data acquisition system, please consider our Data Acquisition Circuit Board M8123X.

- Need amplified analog outputs instead of digital outputs?
If you only need amplified outputs, please look at our amplifier M830X.

- Manuals
- M8126 Manual.
- M8128 Manual.

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