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LAUNCH! First Ultra-thin Six-axis Force Sensor for Orthodontics

SRI Instruments launched the world's first ultra-thin six-axis force sensor( M4312B) for orthodontics. The sensor has a range of 80N and 1.2Nm, an accuracy of 1% F.S, and an overload capacity of 300% F.S. The thickness of M4312B is only 8mm, and the outlet position is located at the bottom of the sensor, which is convenient for the denture model to be closely arranged.


The data acquisition uses the SRI 96-channel data acquisition system, which simultaneously collects the three-dimensional force of 14 teeth (FX, FY, FZ, MX, MY, MZ). These data are used to study whether the shape, movement amount and intention of movement of the appliance are accurately expressed, and whether the force between the appliance and the teeth is reasonable. At the same time, these data are also used as the basis of finite element mechanical calculations. At present, this series of products have been applied at several well-known dental research companies.

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