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ICG03 replaceable force controlled direct grinding machine

ICG03 replaceable force controlled direct grinding machine

ICG03 is a fully intellectual property intelligent polishing equipment launched by SRI, with constant axial force floating ability, constant axial force, and real-time adjustment. It does not require complex robot programming and is plug and play. When paired with robots for polishing and other applications, the robot only needs to move according to the teaching trajectory, and the force control and floating functions are completed by iCG03 itself. Users only need to input the required force value, and regardless of the robot’s polishing posture, iCG03 can automatically maintain a constant polishing pressure. It can be widely used in the processing and treatment of various metal and non-metallic materials, such as milling, polishing, deburring, wire drawing, etc.


Highlight: Intelligent force control, easy to achieve constant force polishing

The iCG03 integrates a force sensor, which measures the grinding pressure in real-time and feeds it back to the force control controller provided by Yuli. The force control range is 0 to 500N, and the force control accuracy is+/-3N.

Highlight. 2 Gravity compensation, easy control of polishing force in any posture

ICG03 integrates an angle sensor to measure the posture information of polishing tools in real-time. The gravity compensation algorithm inside the force control controller dynamically compensates the polishing pressure based on angle sensor data, enabling the robot to maintain a constant polishing force in any posture.

Highlight: 3 Intelligent floating, compensating for size deviation, always fitting the surface of the workpiece

ICG03 integrates a floating structure and a floating position sensor, with a floating stroke of 35mm and a floating position measurement accuracy of 0.01mm. ICG03 can compensate for a size deviation of+/-17mm, which means theoretically it can compensate for a size deviation of+/-17mm in the normal direction between the robot trajectory and the actual position of the workpiece. Within the size deviation range of+/-17mm, the robot trajectory does not need to be modified, and iCG03 can actively retract to ensure contact between the abrasive and the workpiece surface and constant pressure.

Highlight: High power and high-speed spindle, easy to handle milling and polishing

The iCG03 is equipped with a 6KW, 18000rpm high-speed electric spindle. The spindle is lubricated with grease and has a protection level of IP54. It comes with air cooling and does not require additional liquid cooling, improving system reliability.

Highlight: 5. Automatic replacement of abrasives, automatic switching of abrasives, completing more processes

The main spindle equipped with iCG03 has the function of automatic tool holder replacement, using ISO30 tool holders and equipped with various tools and grinding wheels, such as milling cutters, diamond grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels, louver discs, thousand blade wheels, and sandpaper discs. This enables iCG03 to be widely used in the processing and treatment of various metal and non-metallic materials, such as milling, polishing, deburring, wire drawing, etc.

Highlight: 6 Plug and Play, one click setting, simple and easy to use, easy to maintain

The floating force control is independently controlled by the controller provided by Yuli, without the involvement of robot programs. Application engineers only need to set the required force value on the touch screen interface of the controller, and can also set the polishing force in real-time through I/O, Ethernet communication, Profinet communication, or EtherCAT communication, greatly reducing the workload of on-site debugging and maintenance. Compared with traditional force control technology, the work efficiency is improved by more than 80%.

Highlights: 7. Versatile installation to meet various project requirements

ICG03 supports multiple installation forms to meet various polishing applications in industrial sites. Force controlled floating and spindle can be installed in parallel, vertical, and angle.


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