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Dr.York Huang, President of Sunrise Instruments, was invited to attend the Annual Conference of Gao Gong Robotics and give a wonderful speech.



At the Gao Gong Robotics Annual Ceremony, which will end on December 11-13, 2023, Dr York Huang was invited to participate in this conference and shared with the on-site audience the relevant content of robot force control sensors and intelligent polishing. During the meeting, Dr York Huang also participated in the roundtable dialogue of this conference and had in-depth exchanges and discussions on site.

Robot force control sensors and intelligent polishing


Dr. York Huang first introduced the research achievements and application practices of Instrument in the field of robot force control sensors in his speech. He pointed out that with the continuous development of industrial robot technology, force control sensors have become key components for achieving precise control and efficient production. Sunrise  Instruments has years of research and development experience and technical accumulation in the field of force control sensors, providing stable, reliable, and accurate force control solutions for industrial robots.


Dr. York Huang shared the application practice of  Sunrise  Instruments  in the field of intelligent polishing. He stated that intelligent polishing is an important development direction in the current industrial manufacturing field. Sunrise  Instruments combines its own technological advantages and market demand to launch iGrinder ® The intelligent polishing system realizes the automation, intelligence, and efficiency of the polishing process.


Round table dialogue session, Dr York Huang had an in-depth discussion with the on-site audience on the future development trends of robot force control sensors and intelligent polishing. In response to the questions and doubts raised by the audience, Dr York Huang provided one-to-one answers based on the actual situation. He said that with the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, robot force control sensors and intelligent polishing will usher in a broader development space.

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