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Displacement sensors are used in many SRI product lines, so what are the specific applications of displacement sensors in SRI many product lines?

Application in iGrinder®

First, iGrinder® is a patented intelligent floating grinding head.  iGrinder® intelligent floating grinding head has constant axial force floating ability, integrated force sensor, displacement sensor and tilt sensor, real-time perception of grinding force, floating position and grinding head attitude and other parameters.  The displacement sensor plays a core role.  By monitoring position changes during grinding in real time, the displacement sensor ensures that the grinding accuracy is controlled within 0.01mm.  The grinding pressure is constant, and can be adjusted in real time, the response time is 5ms.  Intelligent and automated grinding process.  It can achieve constant grinding pressure, which greatly improves the processing quality and efficiency of the product.


Application in IR-TRACC

In SRI vehicle crash dummy sensor IR-TRACC, the application of displacement sensor plays a role in its performance. In the collision test, IR-TRACC with integrated displacement sensor can accurately record the displacement change during the collision and provide rich data support. In the case of 2% nonlinear error in the market, we reduced the nonlinear error of IR-TRACC to 1%, improving the accuracy and reliability of the test.


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