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Sunrise Instruments (SRI) is a technology company specialized in the development of six axis force/torque sensors (multi-axis force/torque sensor, 6 axis loadcell, 6 axis force transducer) and robot force-controlled grinding (robot grinding, robot polishing and robot sanding).  SRI was founded in January 2007 by Dr. York Huang, former Chief Engineer of the United States FTSS (Humanetics ATD).  Since 2011, SRI has been working on robot force control for robot grinding and robot assembling with ABB, YASKAWA, KUKA, FOXCONN and many other robot manufacturers, and successfully launched series of robot joint torque sensor, six axis loadcell, six axis force/torque sensor and intelligent floating grinders (iGrinder) for robot polishing and grinding.  SRI is one of the few companies in the world with the ability to produce automobile crash test dummy multi-axis force sensor. The multi-axis loadcells manufactured at SRI are being used by most of the automotive safety labs globally.


 With the advanced design concept and mature manufacturing processes accumulated in the last 20 years, SRI has been recognized as a premium manufacturer for six axis force/torque sensor (6 axis loadcell, multi-axis force/torque sensor) and torque sensor for robot joints. CAD, CAE and ERP systems are used extensively by our strong technical team during product research & development and day-to-day operation. SRI has over 80 employees in six departments, including engineering, finance, sales and marketing, machining workshop, electronics workshop and the calibration laboratory for six axis F/T sensor. The calibration lab is certified to ISO 17025 certification, to ensure that the reported calibration data is accurate and meets international standard.


SRI's six axis force/torque transducer (six axis loadcell) and joint torque sensor are based on patented sensor structures and decoupling methodology.  In addition to ISO 9001 certification, our quality system is certified by ABB (leading robot manufacturer) and Harmonic Drive (for Medtronic, leading medical device manufacturer). SRI has more than 200 multi-axis force transducer models for robotics and automation. The sensor capacity ranges from 25N to 600KN, with a size of 15mm to 1500mm in diameter and 5mm to 110mm in thickness. Both analog and digital output are available. SRI force transducers are built to take harsh industrial environments (e.g. underwater). We are the global supplier of 6 axis F/T sensor for ABB, a well-known industrial robot company in Switzerland. Our products have been used in many regions such as the United States, Germany, Spain, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and China mainland.


In addition to multi-axis F/T sensors for crash test dummies and robotics, SRI also developed a series of high-tech products such as ultra-high-resolution crash wall loadcell, intelligent data acquisition systems, and six-axis wheel force transducers. The intelligent data acquisition system can measure various signals such as full bridge, half bridge, 1/4 bridge, voltage signal, thermocouple, acceleration, and etc. The complete load paths at engine & transmission mounts during road testing can be easily measured by the multi-axis loadcells that are specifically designed for automotive durability testing.


SRI has cooperated with many robot manufacturers, universities and academic research institutes. We welcome you to join our effort in advancing force control technology in Robotics.


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